How to Make Money From Travel Photography

Doing what you love and earning money at the same time is undoubtedly anyone's dream job. Traveling and photography are two most promising hobbies you can use for earning money. Combine the two hobbies and get even more benefit. Here are some things you need to prepare for travel photography: 1. Have your own camera. This is the most basic requirement [...]

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Freelance Travel Photography – A Fun Way to Earn a Generous Income

Freelance travel photography is an easy way to make money with your camera. Even if you don't travel much or feel that you can't afford to freelance travel photography is [...]

How to Prepare for a Travel Photography Trip

Whether you're a professional travel photographer on assignment or an enthusiast looking for the next great shot, travelling with camera equipment is not easy. From deciding [...]

Start Up a Travel Photography Business

Too many people have the idea that being paid to take photographs of exotic places is the ideal job. It may take years of effort to be paid by magazines such as the National [...]